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Pinewood Derby Race (free)

Pinewood Derby Race is one of the biggest events in Cub Scouts, where scouts, siblings and adults all get to participate. Each person gets build a race car out of the pinewood kit at home or through a workshop. Then everyone will compete, by the rank ...

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Spring Picnic (Free)

Pack picnic to celebrate the progress scouts have made over the past year. Time flies fast. Enjoy the time you are spending with the scouts! ...

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Scout Safety

To take Youth Protection training go to and create an account.From the portal, click on E-Learning and take the Youth Protection training. Upon completion, print certificate of completion and submit with volunteer application.

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Scout Track

ScoutTrack is an internet-based service that makes it easy to manage Cub Scout packs. It replaces the tracking charts and trail records in the back of handbooks as well as the spreadsheets, paper records and PC-based pack/troop Management packages typically used by leaders.

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